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These three etching are sold as a group and come in a folder.  Each etching is signed and numbered  1/50  50/50 and the centre etching is hand painted with 23kt gold. 

The etchings were made at Becattini Art Printers, San Niccolò, Florence, I used the traditional etching method which begins with a copper or zinc plate coated with an acid resistant wax.  The drawing is done with a fine metal tool which cuts through the wax exposing the metal.  When the plate is immersed in an acid bath, the acid “etches” a line exposing the metal while the waxed areas are protected.  The length of time a line is “bitten” determines how deep it is and subsequently how light or dark the lines “etched” become when the acid process is complete. In the case of my horse etchings each plate was immersed in the acid bath, for a different lengths of time, fifteen times. The wax covering the zinc plate is removed and cleaned.  The ink is applied and wiped so to leave the ink in the “bitten” lines of the plate.  A dampened piece of handmade acid-free paper is placed over the zinc plate and “run” through an antique hand turned flatbed press which transfers the image to the paper. 


     Size: 35x50cm (14x20ins)

 Susan Leyland 
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